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Sikkim Theatre Training Centre, is the first Centre of National School of Drama, situated in the lush green picturesque valley of Gangtok; organising extensive Theatre Training Programme of a total duration of twelve months comprising in three terms of four months each. This method has been termed as three-snip Sikkim –module.

First Module is devoted to training and grooming of Actors / participants. This intensive phase covers Yoga, Movement, Voice & Speech, Music, & various methods of Acting along with a Scene work (Realistic & Physical Theatre).

Second Module is focused on Technical Training, which deals with Scenic Design, Lighting, Costume, Make-up, Theatre Architecture, Body Movement, Floor Movement (Acrobats, Aerial), Physical Acting, Script Writing, Theatre Music, Props & Mask Making, as well as mounting a production.

Third Module encompasses a production oriented tour to many places of India to provide ample opportunity to participants to acquaint themselves with different cultures, people of India. The Centre has already conducted many workshops with the Government Schools and has been working to develop talents in the field of traditional form of drama, music, dance, sculpture and crafts. The Centre conducted a month long “Children Theatre Workshop” at Yuksam during the months of September – October 2012. The month long workshop imparted intensive training to the students who produced a play “The Wolf of the Mount Khang-Chen-Dzonga”.

Another workshop was conducted by the Centre at Maniram Bhanjyang from 31st December 2012 to 1st February 2013.
On 10th March 2013, the Centre performed two plays namely, Kalo Sunakhari and Hum Hi Apna Aap at Octave Festival organized by WZCC at Jodhpur. These plays were also performed at Agartala on March 23 – 24, 2013 Sikkim Theatre Training Centre, Gangtok.

Sikkim has a rich culture and National School of Drama is committed to promote cultural diversities of India through theatre.   So the Sikkim centre of the National School of Drama (NSD) is actively promoting theatre in the region to encourage budding actors.
Recently, NSD Sikkim came out with a non-verbal play on Sikkimese traditions and culture that left the audience spellbound and appreciative of the effort.

The play, an adaptation of the novel “Sonam” written by Yeshe Dorjee Thongchi, is about the love story of two Sikkimese youth.

It was directed by Abhilash Pillai and scripted by Hasta Chettri, and showcased the rich history of Sikkim.

The artists, who expressed themselves only through action, did a wonderful job.

“This is the first functioning state center of NSD in the country that teaches as well as organizes performances. The audience here received the play very well and gave strong positive feedback for the performances. This confirms that there is huge scope for theater here,” said Abhilash Pillai, Director.

The theater group, trained by the National School of Drama, New Delhi, is working hard to promote the art among the youth in Sikkim.

“The actors who are working here come from all the four districts of the state. We aim to promote the art and culture of the state, and spread awareness in Sikkim,” said Bipin Kumar, Director, National School of Drama, Sikkim Center.

“The play ‘Kalo Sunakhiri’ that I just saw is a fusion of modern and classical techniques. It shows the level which contemporary theater has reached. The play was a wonderful experience for me,” said Shyam Pradhan, a spectator in the audience that watched the play.

The National School of Drama has been working with different state governments of the Northeast to promote theatre among the youth.

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