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Jashne Bachpan

JashneBachpan showcases the works of different theatre groups working with and for children, representing various regions and languages from across the country. Eminent and emerging theatre directors and established theatre groups doing plays with and for children participate in the Festival with full-fledged productions.

Bal Sangam

Every alternate year the TIE Company organizes a national festival, Bal Sangam, which is essentially a cultural mela with an education objective. The festival is an ensemble of various performing traditional art forms that are presented by children belonging to traditional performing families, guru-paramparas and Institutions. The main objective of Bal Sangam is to encourage children to continue traditional performances so as to preserve our cultural heritage in this rapidly changing world. Till now the TIE Company has invited more than 40 groups well-known for their folk presentations by child artistes. While presenting a spectacular and unique confluence of performances by children of various folk & performing traditions, the Festival also includes art and craft workshops of activities like Origami, Pottery, Puppet-making, Aadiwasi Shilp, Recycling, etc.

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