About Extension Program


About Extension Programs

Extension Programmes, under which NSD faculty and alumni conduct workshops in various parts of the country, were launched in 1978 and since then has conducted workshops and programs for adults and children across the country including some in Nepal, Sikkim, Ladhakh and Bhutan as well. The Traditional Theatre Project initiated in 1980 has facilitated creative interaction between traditional and contemporary theatre artists on a regular basis. Along with an introduction to theatre, these workshops also seek to develop personality and expand the emotional horizons of the participants.

The Committee :The present Extension Programme Committee is as following:

1. Prof. Waman Kendre                                                                - in Chair
    Director, NSD
2. Dr. Arjun Deo Charan                                                               – Member
    Member, NSD Society 
3. Prof. Satish Alekar                                                                     – Member
    Member, Academic Council
4. Prof. Ashok Sagar Bhagat                                                       – Member
    In-charge (Extension Programme), NSD
5. Shri Dinesh Khanna                                                                   – Member
    Associate Professor (Acting), NSD
6. Shri Amitesh Grover                                                                 – Member-Secretary
    Assistant Professor (Extn. Programme)



Extension Program Activities
As the National School of Drama is able to admit only twenty six students per year from across India, the School also runs an Extension Program, which works as an outreach program seeking to reach out to theatre enthusiasts across regions and languages by conducting theatre workshops of various kinds. This outreach program conducts short-term teaching and training workshops that deal with a whole range of subjects related to and with theatre. Subjects such as acting, movement, light, make-up, theatre history and literature among others, have been taught at such workshops. With about 55 events per year, they have led to a major revival of theatre activity in the country. Over the years many workshops have been held under the auspices of the Extension Program of the National School of Drama. 

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