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NSD Extension Department is the education and outreach wing of the institute. Established in 1978, it has conducted thousands of workshops for adults and children in urban, rural, and remote parts of the country including a few in Nepal, Sikkim, Ladakh and Bhutan as well. The workshop curriculum is based on the NSD training model, and seeks to facilitate creative interactions between traditional and contemporary theatre artists on a regular basis. Along with an introduction to theatre, these workshops also seek to develop personality and expand the emotional horizons of the participants.

NSD faculty and alumni, and other theatre experts are invited to conduct these workshops with a focus on spreading awareness about all aspects of the theatre arts. The workshops focus on a wide range of subjects related to theatre, covering subjects such as acting, movement, light, make-up, design, direction, scenography, creative writing, theatre history, and literature among others.<br

With over 50 programs every year, the NSD Extension Program is able to reach hundreds of theatre enthusiasts and arts professionals engaged in diverse disciplines across the country, and introduce the knowledge, aesthetics, and joy of theatre to their lives.

Currently, the Extension Program is headed by Shri Amitesh Grover, Assistant Professor, NSD.

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