Course in Dramatic Arts

Three-year full-time Diploma Courses in Dramatic Arts

The National School of Drama provides a three-year full-time Diploma Course for entrants intending to make theatre their profession.
The central aim of the course is to prepare students for the practice of theatre. 
To this end a variety of practical skills must be developed and a corpus of knowledge acquired. While all areas of study are assessed separately and a high standard of work demanded in each, the most important intention of the course is the development of the intangible concept of creative imagination and its expression within the collective framework of a group.


Training in the School is based on a thorough, comprehensive and carefully planned syllabus that covers every aspect of theatre from theory to practice over three years, and the results are put to the test before a wide audience. The syllabus takes into account the methods of eminent theatre personalities who have shaped contemporary theatre in all its forms and expressions. It includes broad-based training in classical dramatic traditions in India and the West, modern theatre trends in India and abroad, and in the traditional and folk theatre of India, and specialized training in Indian theatre traditions

Introduction to Acting
Introduction to Theatre Techniques & Design
Theatre History, Literature & Aesthetics

The FIRST YEAR is divided into two semesters. The first semester (July– December) is devoted to the basics of Acting, Theatre Techniques & Design, and Theatre History, Literature & Aesthetics. In the second semester the same subjects are studied in detail.

Specialisation in Acting OR Theatre Techniques & Design
Theatre History, Literature & Aesthetics

In the SECOND YEAR the students choose their area of specialisation. This year is also broadly divided into two semesters: the third and fourth. The third semester covers Theatre History, Literature & Aesthetics, Acting (specialisation), and Theatre Techniques and Design (specialisation). The fourth semester has greater focus on Theatre History, Literature & Aesthetics, Acting (specialisation), and Theatre Techniques & Design (specialisation).

Specialisation chosen in the second year Continues

The THIRD YEAR syllabus aims at giving students advanced training in their area of specialisation: Acting OR Theatre Techniques & Design.

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