Fellowship 2017-2018  –  Ongoing Project

Fellowship 2016-2017 (March, 2017 – February, 2018)

S.No. Name of Fellow Topic of Fellowship Project
 1 Mr. Mahesh Saini Bahurupiya Kala
 2 Mr. Prasanna B. Hambarde Absurd Fun, An East-West perspective on some contemporary practices of the use of the Comic/Humour in Socio-political theatre-A Pragmatic Approach
 3 Mr. Vishal Choudhary The Entirety of the body within BUTOH
 4 Mr. Naresh Kumar Goga Peer

Fellowship 2015-2016 (October, 2015-September, 2016)

S.No. Name of Fellow Topic of Fellowship Project
 1 Mr. Thirunavukkarasu S Space and Performance
 2 Mr. Piyush Purushottam Bhumkekar Keertan – An Retrospective Analytical Study in Modern Context
 3 Ms. Pannaga S.G. The essence of Yakshagana in contemporary theatre
 4 Mr. Martil Jishil Chavittu Nadakam
 5 Ms. Niyati Rathod Women Theatre in India
 6 Mr. Temjenzungba The oral tradition in Ao Naga life with special reference to ARIJU
 7 Ms. Arpita Navinbhai Dhagat Applied theatre as an aid for mental health
 8 Mr. Vivek Kanaujiya Physical Acting in Theatre

Fellowship 2014-2015 (December, 2014 – November, 2015)

S.No. Name of Fellow Topic of Fellowship Project
 1 Ms. Mangal Kaduba Sanap Songadya in Thamasha
 2 Mr. Yogendra Singh The Clown – Within Me
 3 Ms. Amita Sharma Organic Process of Acting in the sense of using and transcending the body dynamics
 4 Mr. Oasis Sougaijam Rituals – Demonstration – Combat of Manipuri Martial Arts
 5 Mr. Dhirendra Tiwari Performance in protest
 6 Mr. Sunit Kumar Bora Voice and Speech Development

Fellowship 2013-2014 (December, 2013- November, 2014)


S.No. Name of Fellow Topic of Fellowship Project
 1 Ms. Sayantee Sahoo A Travelogue of Palagaan
 2 Mr. Gurinder Kumar Basic Exercise of Clowning
 3 Mr. Sangeet Shrivastava What is Immersive
 4 Mr. Aliyar K. Sportive Theatre
 5 Mr. Yashvantha An Actors Workbook
 6 Mr. Sonmoni Sarmah Clown – A study of clowning, characterization, costume and make-up and viewing all history, performance skills
 7 Mr. Jagdeesh R. Performance making by using  regional Folk art Forms and Rituals

Fellowship 2012-2013 (October, 2012 to September, 2013)                     

S.No. Name of Fellow Topic of Fellowship Project
 1 Ms. Arundhati Kalita Creating a performance based on the training process and performance techniques of Sattra Culture
 2 Mr. Nareshpal Singh Chouhan Self Training Process of an Actor/Artist
 3 Mr. Raju Roy “Khola Party”  a dramatic folk form of Assam
 4 Mr. Thoudam Victor Research based project pertaining to Kanhailal-Sabitri Work Centre
 5 Mr. Muzamil Hayat Bhawani Exploring ways and strategies that would enable youth audiences to engage with theatre

Fellowship 2011-2012 (October, 2011 – September, 2012)

S.No. Name of Fellow Topic of Fellowship Project
 1 Ms. Sahana P. Creating Theatre – with the children of Don Bosco
 2 Mr. Loitongbam Paringanba Study on tradition and modernity in contemporary Manipuri theatre with reference to Moirang Parva”
 3 Mr. Faiz Mohammad Habib Tanveer’s Theatre Music
 4 Mr. Asheish Nijawan Journey of a performer into the creation of a role through the untapped resources of the innermost core of the personality

Fellowship 2010-2011 (October, 2010 – September, 2011)

S.No. Name of Fellow Topic of Fellowship Project
 1 Ms. Papari Medhi Study of various Kamrupia Dhulia Groups and Performance Style and its History
 2 Ms. Ritu Sharma “Budhra” based on folk story of Himachal Pradesh
 3 Mr. Kajal Kundu Study of traditional folk form of Jharkhand

Fellowship 2009-2010 (December, 2009 – November, 2010)

S.No. Name of Fellow Topic of Fellowship Project
 1 Mr. Durgesh Kumar Approach to the character or performance
 2 Ms. Pranami Bora The Body Movement for Actor
 3 Mr. Manash Protim Neog Performance Techniques of Ankiya Bhaona
 4 Mr. Dushyant Women in Theatre
 5 Mr. Tauqeer Alam Khan To see Islamic indigenous festival and ritual from an actor point of view

Fellowship 2008-2009 (October, 2008 – September, 2009)

S.No. Name of Fellow Topic of Fellowship Project
 1 Mr. Hiraman Das Research on Pandawani Rhythem
 2 Mr. Randhir Kumar The Convention and Non – Convention Performing Spaces in Patna – Bihar
 3 Mr. Vipin Bhardwaj Interrelation of the ancient technique and the modern actors craft
 4 Ms. Sathyabhama M. Post modern theoretical approach to traditional rituals
 5 Ms. Himangshu Prasaad Das The Culture of Mobile Theatre of Assam and its significance in today’s scenario
 6 Ms. Gouri Dewal Children Theatre Workshop in Melghat
 7 Ms. Savita Rani Acting – in search of my own language
 8 Ms. Shibani Puri Understanding Constantin Stanislavski on Actor Training & Perspective on Actor training and practice of theatre by Jerry Grotowski.
 9 Mr. Suvrat L. Joshi Structuring a parallel method for contemporary Marathi Theatre

Fellowship 2007-2008            – Combined with previous year


Research / publication works of Tagore fellowship / Tagore Scholarship 2013-14

Under National Fellowship / Scholarship Scheme of MoC

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“Elements of Theatre in Dastaan Goie” - by AYYASH AARIF.

Role of Contemporary Music in Modern Indian Theatre - by Anjana Puri

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